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Aus meinem im Jahre 2017 verlegten poetischen Sammelband
„Was gereimt werden muss“ (143 Seiten) ISBN 978-620-2-44365-4

Мой поэтический сборник „У порога“ (328 стр.) издан в 2017 г.:
ISBN: 978-620-2-44356-2

NYC love story
(iambic tetrameter)

11-09-2015, Berlin

(german version)

Her bright day was to my dark night,
She kept awake me nightlong quite.
She asked me once, when I would come,
The answer was first one poem.

We found us on the Internet
And held three weeks long our love chat.
She attracted through knowledge thirst -
The kindred spirits found we first.

I booked the ticket to New York,
To come at day without her work.
It already was Christmas time,
When from Berlin I had to fly.


I came to her on third Advent,
That was of weekend our event!
What she didn't want, we both it known,
But good sense at once let us down...


Blackout of love caught us that night -
Nobody could us disunite.
We were to heaven on the way,..
Then came again her working day.


She drove to work, I was alone,
I loved her crazy, I was stoned,
She was in love and faked so touched...
We loved at night each other much.


The twelfth day came, and I flew back,
And said, I take my love as bag!
She was being silent and just cried...
We saw before us no more light...


* * *

Aus meinem poetischen Sammelband
"Was gereimt werden muss".

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